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Its that time of year, winter is upon us! Moving in the winter can pose many advantages and disadvantages. The weather is cold and unpredictable which can be a huge drawback of moving this time of year. While less people move in the winter, those that do can benefit from availability of things needed to move, trucks, movers, etc. You can even find better deals on real estate because less people are looking to move but on the flip side of that, there can also be fewer home owners placing their homes on the market. Our last move was during the winter and here are a few things we learned that can help others who choose to move in the winter and ways Easy Move Mobile Storage can assist you in making that move simpler.


1. Keep checking on the weather! As you know, winter weather here in Kentucky and Tennessee can be unpredictable and you don't want to be in the middle of moving during an ice storm. It can be difficult for Southern areas to account for bad roads since we don't get a lot of snow, some towns just don't have the equipment or materials to clear road as quickly and effectively as areas that are used to large amounts of snow. Other than prepping the roads in advance with salt or other materials to melt ice, there isn't much you can do when you get ice instead of snow on the road. Ice also can cause power outages by weighing down and breaking power lines, which can also put a damper on moving, even if the roads are clear. The best way to handle moving in winter weather is to be prepared and plan accordingly.

Easy Move It! This is one way Easy Move Mobile Storage can help! Unlike a traditional moving company, we can drop off a storage box, let you pack it on your schedule as the weather permits and then pick up the loaded container and transport it to your next location, being able to work with the weather instead of against it. We offer 30-day rentals but the length of rental is up to you. We will also give you set drop-off and pick-up charges, so you know what you're paying up front. Many moving truck rentals will charge by the day or by the mile, so you may feel pressured to get things done more quickly to avoid incurring extra charges.

Another advantage of renting an Easy Move Mobile Storage container, is a 3,000 lb storage box can be recovered more easily than a 10,000 lb. moving truck if weather hits. It always seems to rain when we move, this makes for a mushy yard. We have seen so many friends and family rent a truck to move and not realize how heavy and low to the ground they are and get one stuck. Not only did they have to pay someone to get the truck out of their yard but the yard got rutted up in the process. With us, a storage box is less likely to get stuck and if it does we will recover it.

2. Clear pathways and stairs. Be sure to keep shovels and salt on hand in case inclement weather hits when you move. A slippery path can be hazardous, especially when moving boxes and furniture. It's also a good idea to keep gloves and clothing you can layer on hand to keep you nice and warm.

3. Have towels, sheets and blankets on hand. These can be useful to cover and protect your floors. When you're coming in and out of the house when the weather is bad, you can track in rain, snow, mud or even salt used to melt ice on the pathways. Not only will this make the floors dirty but you can even cause damage.

Easy Move It! Easy Move rents industry standard moving blankets, they can be used to keep both your floors and personal items dry and protected when moving. We also try to keep donated, gently used moving boxes on hand for our customers to use as a complementary Easy Move service.

4. Kids and pets. It is helpful to get a sitter for your kids and pets or board your pets, when moving. Not only will it keep your kids and pets safe and out of your hair but it can also keep them from tracking dirt, mud and salt into your house.

5. Start early in the day. During winter months not only does it get darker early so you run out of light but it also gets colder as it the day wanes. This also means that any snow and ice that may have melted in the day could refreeze on pathways and stairs making these areas more dangerous than earlier in the day.

6. Be organized. Make a list of everything you place in storage and try to keep like items packed together.

Easy Move It! As part of our customer service, Easy Move can help you map out the best approach for packing and organizing your container as well as where to start. We will provide a checklist at the opening of each container so you can list what is in the container and where in the container it is located to help make storage more convenient.

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