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New Job? Getting Married? Starting College? Downsizing? We all move for different reasons but one thing we all have to do when we move is pack. I loathe packing but here are some tips that I find helpful with the inevitable task of packing.


What you'll need; moving blankets, boxes, packing tape, either tissue paper or bubble wrap for fragile items, trash bags, ropes or tie downs, locks


Now is the time to "Marie Kwando" your belongings. If possible start this step 2 to 4 weeks prior to a move. Choose a room you want to start and work your way from one side of the room to the other. Make a keep pile, a trash pile and a donate pile. Always start with packing items you don't use on a daily basis, saving those items for last. If you haven't used something in a while or it "doesn't give you joy" either donate or trash it. As you separate the items, start packing the things you're keeping into a box, heavier items on bottom trying not to overload the box. As the boxes get packed, label each box for the room it belongs. I like to include a packing inventory list on each box so I know exactly what is inside. (insert link on packing video)

If you've rented an Easy Move Portable Storage Box, you can start loading boxes into the container as you get packed to limit the amount of clutter collecting in your home!

Here is a list of organizations that will come to you and pick up your donated items for free:

1. Goodwill

2. Salvation Army

3. Habitat for Humanity


5. Pick Up Please

7. Furniture Banks

8. The Arc

9. Angels Attic (Murray, KY)

10. A Good Thing Consignment (Murray, KY)

-Step Three First On/Last Off

When loading your items into an Easy Move Container the best way to start is First on/Last off. Pack boxes that hold less important, less used items toward the back so when you unpack the most important items will be in the front of the container. This allows for easy access letting you take time to unload your belongings into your new place . As part of our customer service, we can help you plan the best and most efficient way to load your container.

-Step Four No Pack Zone

Designate an area, room or closet that you can keep packed boxes that have items you may need before the move so you have access to it, it stays out of the way and doesn't accidentally get packing before you need it packed. This is especially helpful if you have friends or family helping your load your boxes, so they don't accidentally move a box that's not ready to go yet.

-Step 5 Things to Avoid Packing or Pack Separately

There are some items you may want to pack separately or avoid packing into a rental container or truck. Certain items aren’t allowed because they can be flammable or corrosive. Accidents can happen as well, sometimes lids come off and spill, ruining you stuff here is a general list of things you may want to avoid packing or use caution when packing:

-Aerosol Cans -Ammunition -Batteries -Charcoal -Kerosene, lighter fluid and propane

-Chemicals and solvents -Cleaning chemicals and solvents -Fertilizer -Firearms -Fire extinguishers -Fireworks -Fuel/gasoline/oil -Matches -Nail polish and remover

-Oxygen -Paints, varnishes and paint thinners -Perishable food -Pesticides -Plants -Pool chemicals -Propane tanks -Scuba tanks -Weed killer

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