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Updated: Jan 11, 2020


We built our first home in 2006, a year after we got married. Being newlyweds, we didn’t have a lot of disposable income at the time and in order to save money, we opted to leave the second story unfinished. We are both big fans of renovating and decorating, so we were thrilled to be able to design and finish out the upstairs ourselves.

Then we get the call from the bank, in order to complete our home loan, the house has to be walk-through ready, meaning every bit of it needed to be finished and we only had 3 months to do it!!! What?! From our understanding as well as the loan officer we had been working with, the unfinished space was a non-issue. Unfortunately, as it turns out, in order to get our loan appraisal, everything had to be walk-through ready to be able to appraise the home for the amount we needed.

So, we took every bit of money we had saved

up and went to work on finishing out the upstairs. The biggest problem was we were already living in the house! We had no space to keep the equipment and building supplies since we couldn’t afford to build a garage what? Luckily, we own a trucking company and had a few truck bed boxes laying around. We were able to place the truck bed in our driveway and work out if it. This was also one of the rainiest Springs we had seen in a while but the bed was weather-proof so a lot of work was done in the box

and didn’t slow us down a bit!

Hmm, having a storage container was super helpful...

10 years later, after adopting our daughter, we decided we were too far from our family and wanted more room to grow. We started our home search, found the perfect house and closed on it but first we had to sell our house. After talking to our realtor, we decided to make a few more home renovations and declutter to make a home attractive to a buyer. Once again, one of our truck bed containers came in handy as a place to keep our personal belongings and things we needed for the reno! (for tips on decluttering your home when putting it on the market

After only a few weeks on the market, we sold our teeny, tiny problem...the sellers needed the house in 2 weeks! At this point we are in a mad scramble to pack our things and move into our new home. Fortunately, the storage container was still at the house, so we were able to pack and load our stuff as we got it together.

During this time, we officially closed on our new home. We were fortunate to have found the perfect place while it was off the market. Ben had been scrolling through his Facebook page and one of his friends had posted that her Mom was selling her home. We contacted her immediately and the rest is history! The lady we bought the house from had been living away for some time but still had things stored in the basement and attic, so we agreed to let her leave belongings there until she had time to come and go through it. But now we were left figuring out what to do with our stuff that needed to go in the basement and attic...but wait...we have a solution! We left the things we didn’t need right away in one of our storage boxes until her things were gone. It was so convenient to be able to move our things directly from the box into our HOME SWEET HOME ♥️


After experiencing how convenient having a storage box was, we decided to open a storage container business in order to help others like us!

The Buchanan Family

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